Cristina Ciobanu has arisen from the passion for classic and upstanding style which is characterized by simple silhouettes, light shapes with an elegant and comfortable look. A supreme elegance combined with the need for comfort and confidence, adding up the dedication and passion of each of us to provide great fine quality shoes. The classic is worn with care and wisdom, being obsessively discreet and passionately chic at the same time. Elegant shoes are worn at any time of the day and in any circumstances. Shoes are more than an accessory, they are “loyal business partners”; with the perfect pair you can draw everyone’s attention.
Cristina Ciobanu came to life after continuous work of the designer to emphasize femininity and elegance in the modern life. She chose intelligent monochrome aspects that helped her find the most coveted colours and the most sophisticated materials.

The shoes, authentic Romanian, are created in a small artisan workshop in Bucharest and are 100% handmade. The creation of the shoes is done with immeasurable attention to details. Each shoe comes out of the hands of craftsmen after hours of work, creative dedication and skill.

Therefore, each pair of Cristina Ciobanu’s shoes is unique in its very existence. The finished product is a faithful expression of the emotions and passion of artisans, designers and engineers. Each pair is unique due to the human touch that has different implications with each shoe and tells its unique story from the moment it leaves the workshop until it reaches the destination.
The materials are carefully selected from Romanian suppliers who import the raw materials from Italy or Spain. Once in Romania, the Romanian craftsmen take care to work it with a masterful skill.

The defining elements of the brand: kitten heel, classic, colour, craft;



Kitten heeled shoes are characterized by a small heel, up to 5 cm and a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. The style was promoted by Andrey Hepburn, and more recently by Princess Diana, Theresa May, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. The kitten Heel style are the most versatile in the women’s wardrobe. The style is feminine and elegant, comfortable and durable.

Kitten heeled shoes can be combined with different trousers, skirts or dresses, also perfect when completes a minimalist outfit. Along with a shirt and a pair of culottes, it will give a much-needed imprint of femininity. It’s a perfect outfit for work.


The classic and modern face-off is a classic in the contemporary fashion conversation. It is said that what is classic lasts over time. What is modern, provokes and ignites progress, but has a short life. Modernity is transient, in the sense that it must be replaced quickly as something new will come out.

But the innovation is so burning, felt deeply and authentic, that it immediately translates into a new form of classicism. It happens because innovation, here, is based on human skills and progressive creativity, not on innovation for the sake of innovation. In periods of trends that stretch on a digital post, nothing is more modern than the absolute classic that fits the shape and function, adding liberal doses of invention. The classic is modern, just as modernity is a matter of soul classicism.


The colour conveys visual wonder and positive feelings, promoting a fashionable play idea that brings fun, elegance, inspiration and connection. The colour for Triple Step has an artistic value, in the full awareness that art is combine with nature, promoting creative thinking, like landscapes, is never in black and white.


Craft is the skill set of highly skilled craftsmen, but it is also a thinking that defines the brand. The craft is an integral part of the values ​​that Triple Step promotes. It has the form of a unique savoir-faire, a strong desire to experiment, a way of handling the materials and an unexpected choice of materials.

Finally, it is the input of passion and the dedication of a craftsman for each creation. A quality piece is always a joint effort, the designer and the craftsman, the fantasy and hands, are equally important. The soul is the result of their mutual dialogue.