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We carry memories with us for years or even decades. They are part of our identity and we turn to them when we search for answers and guidance or comfort and support. In honor of this collection of experiences that accompany us long after taking place, we have created a new edition of Cristina Ciobanu shoes, called REMINISCENZA.

Melancholic pastels, muted tones, but also effervescent splashes of silver or gold and intense nuances come together to reflect the variety of souvenirs an individual can collect over time. The softness of natural leather or the velvety feel of suede have the power to evoke sensorial enjoyment with each touch. The choice of language for the title is an homage to the high quality Italian leather used for each pair that is named after a pleasant and lively memory: a trip to the seaside, the delight of cotton candy or the thrill of first love.

So we invite you to take a ride on your own memory lane, by wearing stylish and comfortable Cristina Ciobanu shoes.